Music for your moving pictures.

Choose your Clip. Choose your Trax. Share

Add music to your clips and share the result

Cliptrax lets you choose a music and add it to your clips before sharing your results. You can also upload your own music to our Cliptrax database for others to choose and follow.

Search it

Search for the song you want by type, genre or mood. Search packs or individual tracks.

Sample it

Narrow down your choices even further by sampling the trax chosen before adding your clip.

Choose it

Once you have the trax you want select them and add them to your chosen track.

Find your clip

Search your photo library and find the clip you want to add to your chosen track.

Add to it

Add your chosen track to your chosen clip.

Share it

Well that's what it's all about after all. Post your results to your favourite platforms.

Why Cliptrax

How many times have you wanted to upload one of your movie clips to your favourite social media platform with some background music. Its a nightmare! Sorry that track is copyrighted....Sorry you dont own that goes on. Cliptrax owns a vast library of trax, and has the right permissions to showcase thousands more. Give it a try. Its simple and easy.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Add music to your own clips and share to your favourite platforms
  • Upload your own trax
  • Tons of trax to choose from

Tell Me More.

Music for your moving pictures

Once you download the Cliptrax APP, you will have access to search our extensive database of music which you can then add to any of your movie clips that you have recorded. We also own the rights to all our music, and permissions to showcase others.

Once you have attached a track to your clip, you are then free to share your Cliptrax to your favourite social media platforms.

As an existing or up and coming artist, Cliptrax allows you to showcase you talents by uploading tracks to your account. Cliptrax users can then like, share and follow you increasing your exposure.

So, whether you just want to add music to your clips, or you want to showcase your talents, Cliptrax is the APP for you.

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It really is as good as it sounds

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